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Who I am.

Hi,  I’m Nesita Kwan (she/her/hers), a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #126153.  I haven't met you yet, but I am sure of this--  you are not alone in the challenges you face, the suffering you may feel. Emotional pain is an equal opportunity experience, with no regard for who you are or what you have.

 I light up at the idea of  helping individuals of all ages and experiences thrive in their relationships, careers— their lives.  My practice is culturally sensitive and accepting, blending elements of Buddhist psychology with a psychodynamic, depth perspective. I'm committed to healing the wounds of intimacy and untangling behaviors that block self esteem. engaging mind/body practices including EMDR, IFS (parts work), and elements of yoga and meditation. 

Wherever you are in the moment we begin work together, I will meet you there. We’ll dive deeply, but at a pace that you set. Along the way, we’ll sort out what you believe and what you’ve been told to believe,  unwrap cultural and racial identity, unpack BIG questions-- why me, what's the point?  and tenderly explore intimate  places of sexual orientation and gender spectrum. 

My care for you includes work outside of the therapy room, such as regular consultation with colleagues skilled in an array of psychological approaches. And I embrace all that you bring to our work, including the inexplicable or spiritual: experiences that simply make you human.

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